His Story

"Samuel is a great guy." -His mom

"Hmm, Sam is energetic. And that's it."- Liam his roommate

"Well, I think my writing is pretty good." -Samuel Cooksey 

Samuel Cooksey is a writer that embraces his severe dyslexia. When Samuel was little, his mother was determined to get him to read. She spent hours every night working on overcoming his dyslexia, they would take turns reading to each other. His poor mother would sit there as he struggled to read each word aloud. Her patience with him and her ability to pick great books for the two of them to read turned a struggling reader into a boy that loves stories.


Samuel keeps struggling readers in mind as he makes all of his chapters short and fast paced. This does not take away from the imaginative world of Terra but enhances it as he gives the reader just enough to fill in the rest with their own imagination. His love for stories with deep histories and crazy characters shows up throughout his writings.    

Wow, is that the really the picture you are going to put up?- Samuel's sister