Hey There

This page is just some of the poems I have written. It doesn't matter if they are bad or not they will make it on this page as long as I am not too lazy to put them here. Please don't judge me too harshly, I'm not very good at poems. 

He Cries

Everyday he cries

for the hole in his heart

for the rip in his soul

for the empty spot in his bed

He wakes in tears 

for she is gone

leaving him alone 

leaving him to live without her

He does not cry

because he has not lived

or not been loved

nor for his regrets 

He can not stop the tears 

when he sees her face

in the daughter who has her eyes

in the grandson who has her laugh 

Seventy-one years with her,

now his only comfort

are his brittle memories

and so 


He cries

Meaning of Love

Love is not how happy someone makes you.

Love is not a feeling

because feeling are stuck within moments,

forever connected and forgotten with the passage of time.


Love is greater than any of the passions one may have. 


Love is like gravity.


A force that is always there

pulling you home.


You maybe able to jump or fly

but eventually you will find

that it has brought you back to where you were always meant to be.




I am still haunted by your face,

Your laugh echoes out from the darkness, 

Time passes,

And the wound I had stitched with the love from another

continues to sep blood from the center of my chest, 

running down my broken body

dropping onto the dry parched earth. 


The stitches are an agonizing torture

For they hold me together.

would it have been better to let myself bleed out,

To let the scorched earth be watered by the torment inside. 


But this is the path that I have chosen.

To live.

To survive with the burden of being alive

With the knowledge that these stitches hold together a shadow of my former self.

For I will forever be haunted by your face.  

Wild Love

“Gather around,”

the moon whispered to the eager night sky.


“There is a girl, down on earth

who is full of life. 

Her soul shines so brightly

that you can see her across time itself.


No painting can reflect her beauty. 

No poem can capture her essence.

She is wild,


and full of love. 

The wind itself

has tried to catch her

but has never been able to. 

If you want to see her

all you have to do is wait.


until the sun kisses the horizon,

and the sky explodes with color. 


patiently and do not move,

for when the colors fade to black, 

She will be the one dancing in the starlight.

If you dare,

open your heart. 

She may wander to you,

And if you are that lucky,

love her for there is no other soul quite like hers. 

Dance with her for as long as she will let you.

But remember,

no one,

not even the wind can tame her.”


We are born into a world that demands too,







Be loved,

Find out who you are,

Take care of the people around you,

Make something of yourself,

Find your dreams,

Care for the people you don’t know,

Make your family proud,

Don’t complain,

Buy a home,

Make a family,

Buy this,

Eat right,

Be skinny,


Figure out how to live,

Take every opportunity 

Make something you can be proud of,


Make something of yourself

Find love

Be a good person...



Just don’t give up.


I am Strong

I am Brave

I am be Better than I was yesterday


But if I fail

that's all right 


For I know

There is a person who will always love me

and that person

is me