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My first book 'Hayley and the Berserker King' was released in December 2017. It is the first book in a four part series.  My goal is to release 'Hayley and the Cat King' in December of 2018.   

Princess Hayley Clifton lives in a world full of magic and monsters. A world run by The Soulless and defined by prophecies--the most important one concerning her--yet she grew up oblivious to it all. Her best friend Jayde, an ageless witch disguised in a little girl’s skin, ensured it when she killed Hayley’s family and weaseled her way into controlling the kingdom of Clifton. 
On Hayley’s 18th birthday Jayde surprises her with a trip to see the islands on the outskirts of the Clifton Kingdom. After a tragic accident forces Hayley onto an island known to house thieves and robbers, she is forced to face reality. She comes to find that the Three Kingdoms have been overrun with Jayde’s berserkers; humans who had been twisted and changed into hairless beasts with black leathery skin that kill without mercy. With Hayley’s kingdom in jeopardy, it is up to her and a group of runaway misfits to bring the kingdoms together, face their biggest fears, and save the Three Kingdoms from imminent demise.  

Hayley and the Berserker King cover, book one of the Hayley series

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