The timeline in Hayley and the Berserker King

I get a lot of questions about the timeline in the book. I realize that the first book only talks about it twice and that is it. So here it is in a little more detail. The timeline we read about is recorded by the elves. The elves break Terra's timeline up in parts. The first is the 'Dark Ages', all you know from book one is that all the races on Terra were at war. The war ended and that is the start of what the elves' call the 'Dawns'. It counts up from one, then ends when something terrible happens or ends. It is all from the point of the elves' so it is all based on what they think is important.

The 'First Dawn' ends after the war with the elves and dwarves concludes with the signing of the First Treaty. Both the dwarves and the elves seal up all the fling ships, then the dwarves move to live underground.

The 'Second Dawn' ends when the elves lose the war to the humans and escape to the land of the Fay, as know as Mahina.

The 'Third Dawn' ends when the thief Hazel starts the First Kingdom. And the beginning of the end of the 'Forth Dawn' is what you mainly read about in the first book 'Hayley and the Berserker King'. Hope this helps the people that wanted more. Thanks for reading.

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