Run Away 3rd Grader! 11/2/18

I've realized that I do not take enough pictures of myself whatsoever. I did several really fun things this weekend that should be put down in writing so I can remember it for the future but like always I don't write it nor do take any pictures. So this is the start of me trying to better document my life. It's not like anyone reads my blog anyways is just me be nice way to just categorize and label it did. Friday was the second and it started off as normal; eat, gym, work. The only interesting thing that happened at work was with the little third-grader. She had some issue during group game and ran behind the building to be alone. The issue with this is that she can't be alone. So I had a staff follower. The staff stayed with her for about 20 minutes not being able to get the child to rejoin the group, so I went over there to move things along. I told her that she had two choices she can come with me and hang out in the room, no one would bother her, and should be able to relax until she felt comfortable enough to go back with her group, or I would have to call her dad because she's not doing what is asked of her. She didn't respond to me, so unfortunately I had to go call dad. Now as soon as I started to walk away to go call dad she took off running. That poor staff had to go chase that child down. The staff followed the child across the school to a fenced off area. I caught up with the two of them and as I did so the little girl pointed at me and screamed at the top of her lungs. Once the bloodcurdling scream was done she then yelled, "you can't tell me what to do! When you sleep I will kill you! You can't control me!" I feel like a did what any normal adult would do when being screamed at by midget, I laughed. I then tried to talk to her/reason with her but nothing seemed to work and long story short dad finally came and took her home. There is no real point to the story but for the epilogue. A child is showing behavioral issues is really telling you that something within their life needs attention. I use attention because it's broad. Now I'm going to narrow it down. It's almost always home life. Something at home is going on in for this particular child her mother causing her to have behavioral issues. The night before this incident occurred her mother who was supposed to be the one that takes care of her, the one that loves her, the one that provides for her, left her at a McDonald's and called the dad to have her come be picked up. The mother wanted to go out with her newfound friends. When dad got the call he jumped in the car and drove right away to go pick his daughter out. By the time he got there mom had already left. When dealing with the child who is clearly not showing normal behavior at school, at clubs, at sporting events, etc. you need to understand that anger should not be your first response. Let them explode and wear themselves out but you should always talk to them clearly and precisely. You don't let them get away with their behavior because you need to educate them in how to handle how they're feeling better.

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