Spilling water! 11/2/18

Eli and Arifa wanted celebrate the end of the week by going out after work. She was nice enough to pick a place that was inbetween us, since I was driving from Simi Valley towards LA. We met in Glendale at a cool little place called The Famous. She really wanted to go there because the happy hour doesn't stop until eight. We had one cocktail and then decided to go have dinner down the street at Shake Shack. I don't know how we got onto the subject of Eli spilling all of his drinks when he was little but we were deep into that conversation. I was getting really involved reenacting my dads long winded speeches to Eli every single time Eli would spell his milk across the dining room table. Side note, there was a time Eli was forced to use a sippy cup at the age of six because my parents were so tired of him spilling at the table. Arifa asked why Eli would spill at the dinner table and I proceeded to reenact clumsy five-year-old Eli. My goal was a pantomime this but as the spirit of clumsy five-year-old Eli took hold of my very soul I proceeded to accidentally spill a full glass of ice water directly onto Arifa. I realized two things, the first being if you wave your hands around like a hyperactive spaz you will always spill your drink, and the second being that if I got a long winded speech for my dad at that very moment I would have a whole new bag of issues to talk to my therapist about.

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