I feel that writing a resume, specially when one hasn't done it in a while, is one of the hardest one page document to create. It is just one page but this page must scream, "hire me I am the person you're looking for!" How do you stand out and at the same time show that you're qualified? I also feel that your resume changes drastically depending on the job you looking for. To give you an idea of what job I am currently making a resume for I will just come out and tell you. It's for the recreation and community service supervisor aquatics. Strange name I know but hey government loves to give strange names to every position. You know, to make everyone feel super important. I can easily do this job for i already do it with my lifeguard business. In all honesty, when reading the duties and responsibilities I do a lot more with my business than what this job as for, so doing this job should be a slam dunk.

So then why is it so hard to write/finish this resume that I've been working on? I would say has to be fear. Fear that after I put together a butt kicking resume they will look at it and write me back 'nice try better luck next time.' I feel that rejection is what holds a lot of us back. I don't hold me back a lot of times, it's definitely one thing I'm trying to change about myself. But I'm gonna finish this resume, have several people look it over, tell me what to fix, not fix, tell me what's good about it and what's bad about it. And then at the end I will turn in. And I will think to myself, how much I hate writing resumes.